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Major part of our exported production is different types of sawn softwood and hardwood, which we are producing with modern equipment in our own sawing mill, built in 2010. We offer a wide range of pallet and construction wood.

At the request of the customer, the products can be delivered both fresh and dried, as well as, if necessary, undergo heat treatment in accordance with the requirements of ISPM-15. The supply of fresh lumber products can be treated with antiseptic ANTI-BLUE.

The list of proposed SIA Paradis Market services also include timber processing: planing, milling, calibration and various types of profiling. All products are controlled before delivery to the client.

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Pallet boards are used for manufacturing various types of pallets. Depending on customer’s wishes, boards can be manufactured from both softwood and hardwood.

The customer can choose from a wide range of sizes:

Thickness 14 – 25 mm

Width 60 – 150mm

Length up to 2.4 m

Construction Timber


Construction timber and beams are used for producing different types of wooden products. Depending on customer’s wishes, boards and beams can be manufactured from both softwood and hardwood.

Available board and beam sizes:

Thickness 15 – 200 mm

Width 50 – 200 mm

Length up to 6 m


Profile Boards

  Ceiling and wall decoration usually requires the use of profiled boards.  Dried and planed spruce or pine boards that are profiled in accordance to customer’s drawings are used for the decoration. The client also has the option of choosing different types of wood as a material.

Available profile board and timber sizes: Thickness of 15 – 200 mm Width: 50 – 200 mm Length up to 6 m


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